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Friday, November 21, 2014

Four Months as a DPC Doc

At the end of my fourth month as a DPC doc, my total patient enrollment is 145, still exceeding my expected pace of enrollment.  My Medicare opt-out was approved effective October 1, and I enrolled 40 prior Medicare patients of mine in the first month as an opted-out doc.  For those considering DPC, the opt-out is essential and can only be done on the first day of each quarter; it also must be repeated every 2 years. You also need to plan ahead and have all necessary paperwork submitted at least 30 days prior to your opt-out date. Finally, and this is very important, you need to ensure that you are still registered under PECOS to be able to refer medicare beneficiaries for labs, X-rays, therapy services and DME. I am happy to assist anyone with the opt-out process.

So, after just four months, my monthly cash flow is enough to cover all my expenses and pay myself a small monthly salary.  Within the year I will no longer need my business line of credit for capital contributions. For those seriously considering DPC I'd be happy to share the numbers to show where the expenses go and how my monthly fees break down. 

I am ready to launch a full-scale marketing effort, rolled out throughout 2015, to target small business owners and small companies in order to provide direct primary care to their employees. I am on track with my plan to be able to offer employment to fellow family docs who would like to practice DPC in the Tampa Bay Area starting in the Fall 2015. I would like to know of any interested third-year residents or practicing physicians so I can stay in touch with you directly throughout 2015. 

On Jan 1, the CMS carrot turns into a stick for those tracking PQRS data, or those enrolled in Medicare shared savings ACOs. I'm sure physicians will be dissatisfied in unparalleled numbers beginning this year. Also, record numbers of patients will be sporting high deductible plans this year, increasing the strain on fee-for-service primary care physicians. The time has never been better to join the DPC movement. My early experience suggests anyone can do it. You don't need the backing of any company -- just a mentor and a small business loan. Or let's talk about coming to Tampa Bay with a guarantee until you reach profitability. 

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