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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Own Your Own DPC practice in Tampa Bay, FL

Beginning in July 2016 PGY3 family medicine residents will have the opportunity to come to the Tampa Bay area and have their own direct patient care (DPC) practice.  There is no need to start with a hybrid model; there is no need to be on any insurance plans or be a Medicare provider.  Spend your career working only for your patients, not insurance companies.  In Tampa Bay you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a network of DPC docs in order to grow your membership quickly enough that enrolling in insurance plans or Medicare will not be needed.  

My DPC practice has grown to 350 members after 16 months. Concurrently, small business owners (<50 employees) in Tampa Bay are realizing they have the ability to provide their employees access to their own personal physician with no out of pocket cost no matter how often they seek care, keeping them healthier and more productive.  Be a “preferred physician” in MyDPCnetwork and grow your DPC practice in Tampa Bay quickly.  Contact me at if you are interested in being your own boss as a family physician and never file a claim to a health insurance company or Medicare from the first day you start in your practice.  

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